Handling inventory, wine club, and Labrador retriever training, Audré is thank goodness the organizer here

Audré Kelley,
General Manager

Leavenworth local Audré Diane (Cash) Kelley was born in Japan. Having traveled worldwide with her pilot father, she enjoys studying foreign languages.  Besides being an astute wine and food aficionado, Audré is an accomplished fisherwoman on Northwest waters and a sureshot with a firearm.  Audré was a golf athlete while attending university for Business Administration and will still take your money at the course.  Her sommelier training will help lead you to your favorite Boudreaux wines.

Handling inventory, web management, wine club, private tastings, and Labrador retriever training, she is thank goodness the organizer here!

To chat, email Audré at audre@boudreauxcellars.com