Boudreaux Cellars wines are the product of years of appreciating fine wines

Boudreaux Cellars wines are the product of years of appreciating fine wines, hours of listening to master winemakers Gary Figgins, Rick Small, John Abbott, Chris Figgins, Marty Clubb, Jean-Francois Pellet, and others talk about making wine, identifying the oldest, most aromatic, most complex blocks of Cabernet Sauvignon in the State of Washington. Wines smooth, deep, layered, flowered, with mysterious nuances of smoke, hickory, oak, blackberry, cherry, and candy are not made in a day or a year. They require insight, originality, perseverance, balance, thoughtfulness, problem solving, disdain for fear, respect of Nature, and the ability to be confident in one’s long-term choices.

When one commits to making fine wine at a boutique winery in the mountains of Washington State, off the power grid and “in the middle of nowhere” you know it is essential to spend a good amount of time and the travel to become one with the growers, the vineyards, and the weather that helps produce the grapes for your wine. Any good winemaker can look at the sky and give you a fairly accurate three day forecast. Premium wine is as much a product of the earth and sky as it is the winemaker’s skill. To make truly outstanding wine the winemaker must harmoniously blend his wine making talents, with the perfect selection of grapes, harvested at just the right time in just the right weather conditions. When it all comes together, a truly outstanding wine is the result. A wine good enough to bear the name Boudreaux Cellars.

We make wine for ourselves, for other winemakers, and for you, to enjoy as you experience the rhythms of the good life. Everyday the winemaker at Boudreaux Cellars has your best interest and discriminating palate in mind.

The best piece of wine making advice Rob Newsom ever received was “just be the best…”